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About Us
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Founded in 1987, the Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST) is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to research and action on environment and sustainable development. NEST is a non-governmental organization, registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC. 5185), with headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria.
As a membership organization, NEST has the overall goal of acting in concert with an active nationwide membership to sensitize and empower Nigerians on issues of the environment and sustainable development, through research, dissemination of factual information, policy dialogue, public awareness, and promotion of sustainable livelihoods.

NEST is an active member on Nigeria’s Presidential Implementing Committee on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and the Climate Change Coordinating Committee of the FMEHUD; it has maintained close relations with parliamentarians, policy makers, and the Federal Ministry of Environment; it has contributed to discussions on mainstreaming climate change into the NEEDS and will seek to continue this work under NEEDS II.

BNRCC operates primarily from NEST office at No. 1, Oluokun Street off Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija, P.O. Box 22025, U.I. Post Office, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Phone number: +234-2-7517172. The contact person is the Programme Director at NEST, Dr. Emmanuel Nzegbule.

CUSO is Canada’s largest volunteer sending organization. We support alliances for global social justice. We work with people striving for freedom, gender and racial equality, self-determination and cultural survival. We achieve our goals by sharing information, human and material resources, and by promoting policies for developing global sustainability. We have programs in over 25 countries worldwide.

CUSO’s Program in Nigeria was established in the early 1960’s, and has evolved over these years in response to local community and government needs. CUSO was involved in the establishment of NEST in 1989. In the mid 1990’s, CUSO managed a Democratic Development Fund in Nigeria, entitled the Community Development Project (CDP).

CUSO’s program in Nigeria today is focused on “Inclusive Governance”, with the overall goal to contribute to socio-political development by assisting communities in: development of good governance practices; improving respect for and protection of human rights; and participating in the policy decision-making that affects their lives. For more information refer to: www.cuso.org

Marbek Resource Consultants Ltd.
Marbek is one of Canada’s leading environment and energy management consulting firms. Established in 1983, Marbek offers multi-disciplinary expertise and experience to private and public sector organizations, in Canada and internationally. Marbek has successfully completed projects in over 30 countries. In 2005, Marbek opened an office in Johannesburg South Africa.
Marbek implements long-term development assistance projects with a focus on capacity development, offering project planning, management and delivery. Marbek also offers a wide range of professional services in the areas of environment, energy, climate change, and resource management for both long- and short-term assignments. In all our international projects, Marbek emphasizes a partnership approach, working closely and sharing responsibility with local organizations and partners. For more information refer to: www.marbek.ca