Project Information

Project Information

Brief Profile on BNRCC
It has been determined that global climate change will have a strong impact on Nigeria, and West Africa more generally, particularly in the areas of agriculture, land use, energy and water resources. Nigeria’s long term development priority of poverty reduction will be severely constrained, if insufficient attention is paid to the current and future impacts of climate change.

It is clear that an organized, systematic approach at the national level in Nigeria is needed to address our climate change problem. The core challenge for Nigeria is to develop the framework and the capacity at the state and local level to assess and respond to vulnerability and resilience of sectors to predicted climate change impacts. This will involve the development, assessment and implementation of adaptation options. The “Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change” (BNRCC) project is designed to assist in this process.

The Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change (BNRCC) Project was developed on the achievement of an earlier initiative called the Canada-Nigeria Climate Change Capacity Development Project (C-NCCCDP), implemented with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), 2001-2004 and implemented by the Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST). That project had the positive effect of raising awareness of climate change issues and mobilizing a network of people willing, capable and prepared to work on these matters. It also outlined some possible follow-on project concepts that were made available to donors and government agencies in Nigeria, including recommendations that framed the BNRCC Project.

The previous project facilitated the first multi-sector assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation in Nigeria and resulted in five assessment reports being prepared. These assessments gave rise to the framework for the BNRCC project. They were in essence key aspects of a strategic environmental assessment; they also noted important ‘lessons learned’ and specific recommendations, which have been integrated into the BNRCC Project. Other products of the previous project included a Climate Change Policy Brief. These Reports and documents are available on

The BNRCC project aims to help build informed responses to climate change in Nigeria by enhancing capacity at the individual, corporate and state levels to implement effective adaptation strategies, policies and actions.

The BNRCC project is funded by the CIDA, and will be managed by the consortium of CUSO and Marbek Resource Consultants, both of Ottawa, Canada, see (, and,). It will be implemented in partnership with the Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST).

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